Final Compact Enclosure (FCE)


  • Wall mounted type, suitable for Residential, commercial & Industrial use.
  • Quick Connect Terminals for ease and safety.
  • Including MCB cover plate, din rails, Earth-link cable, Stopper, Earth bar
    and Neutral bar.
  • Ready to installs MCBs up to 100A .
  • From 12 modules (1 row) to 90 modules (5 rows).
  • IP 4X, Color code (RAL 7032, Pebble Grey).
  • Both top and bottom cable entry.
  • Doors can be easily removed by pulling clip-style hinge pins.
  • Right hinged doors, reversible.
  • Material thickness: 0.8 and 1 mm door, 0.8 and 1 mm body.
  • Mounting holes in back of body for direct mounting.

* Other color and customized design are available upon request.


Standard Sizes (Indoor)

CodeDescriptionDimensionMaximum Single Pole MCB
FCE 1-1212Pole, 1Row (12 Modules)400W x 250 H x 120D12 Nos
FCE 1-1515Pole, 1Row (15 Modules)450W x 250 H x 120D15 Nos
FCE 1-1818Pole, 1Row (18 Modules)500W x 250 H x 120D18 Nos
FCE 2-1212Pole, 2Row (24 Modules)400W x 400 H x 120D24 Nos
FCE 2-1515Pole, 2Row (30 Modules)450W x 400 H x 120D30 Nos
FCE 2-1818Pole, 2Row (36 Modules)500W x 400 H x 120D36 Nos
FCE 3-1212Pole, 3Row (36 Modules)400W x 550 H x 120D36 Nos
FCE 3-1515Pole, 3Row (45 Modules)450W x 550 H x 120D45 Nos
FCE 3-1818Pole, 3Row (54 Modules)500W x 550 H x 120D54 Nos
FCE 4-1212Pole, 4Row (48 Modules)400W x 750 H x 120D48 Nos
FCE 4-1515Pole, 4Row (60 Modules)450W x 750 H x 120D60 Nos
FCE 4-1818Pole, 4Row (72 Modules)500W x 750 H x 120D72 Nos
FCE 5-1212Pole, 5Row (60 Modules)400W x 900 H x 120D60 Nos
FCE 5-1515Pole, 5Row (75 Modules)450W x 900 H x 120D75 Nos
FCE 5-1818Pole, 5Row (90 Modules)500W x 900 H x 120D90 Nos