OLTC Control Panel

  • Nowadays almost all the large transformer is provided with on-load tap changer.
  • Users can easily check the Winding temperature and Oil temperature, Tap Position of transformer through the panel status.
  • MYD’s OLTC control panel includes Annunciator (SEL, 36windows), WTI, OTI, TPI, VM, Key switch for Auto – Manual and Individual – Parallel operation, AVR and etc.
  • Any modification and designs can be negotiate upon prior request
High Voltage Switchgear Panel
High Voltage Switchgear Panel

Transformer Protection Panel

  • Prevention of electrical failures in protected facilities.
  • Protection the transformer damage.
  • Well protect transformer internal fault (current differential, overcurrent, earth fault, thermal fault and etc.)
  • Applicable to buildings, substations, power plants, and industrial facilities.
  • SEL (487E) relay is used as main protection for transformer and SEL (751) relay is used as backup protection.